LINDA Launches HNSSearch V2

After months of preparation, sweat, tears, and many long nights, we are happy to bring you the open beta of HNSSearch V2 powered by LINDA (Living Indexer Navigating Decentralized Assets).

We are very excited for you to try the new site that is a complete overhaul of the old site. Nothing stayed the same and no code has been reused.

V1 was more a proof-of-concept than a well-planned website — our first goal was getting a basic indexer live to see what data Handshake held behind it.

This changes with V2. Not only has the codebase been completely changed, but most importantly, hosting for the search engine has been decentralized.

The Details

The frontend is hosted on Sia Skynet, whereas the backend is powered by Akash. The core of the search engine is running on the awesome open-source engine “Meilisearch”, that offers incredible speed, search as you type, and typo tolerance for results.

Of course, this would not have been possible without the amazing support of HandyOSS and their generous grant to help power the development and hosting as we built and strategize this launch for the community. Now HNSSearch is proudly sponsored by HandyOSS to cover our costs of development.

As for the website itself, you can access it with the URL http://hnssearch/ or http://hnssearch./ as well as with our mirror site It is not recommended to use as there are some performance problems associated with using HNSSearch through their gateway.

We look forward to evolving this piece of core infrastructure and open sourcing LINDA for the community by the end of October.

The beta will last until the 22nd of October with the aim to formally release the website on the 25th of October.

We are looking forward to hearing all your feedback during the beta and after the release to keep improving HNSSearch so that it fulfills its purpose in the dweb ecosystem.



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